Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Voelklip, HeroldsBay

Voelklip is a deep water spot for sharks, yellowtail and garrick in summer. Winter months you'll get galjoen, musselcracker and red roman between the rocks.

Haaibanke, Mosselbay

At Haaibankies you will find lots of small bankfish. Good size shad also comes out htere and lots of sharks with seal island being so close.
Santos beach delivers good white steenbra during the summer and garricks at times. Shad bites there at night and lots of big stingrays around

Victoria Bay

A good spot at vic bay for shad.
Garrick in summer time and good to slide for sharks and cob.
Difficult to land big fish

Monday, May 14, 2007


From the beach over the towards the rocks is nice sandy spots for white steenbra's, cob and shad. The rocks deliver musselcrackers,galjoen,blacktail and all types of smaller bankfish. Towards the west it's sand beach for cob, sharks and belman.

Die saal, Fransman's Hoek

Good deep water spots for garrick, yellowtail,cob and sharks. Galjoen and musselcrackers between the rocks. Great for sliding out bait.

Mosselbay I+J area

Summer months you will get garrick and yellowtail here. Through the year big sharks and stingrays. Springtime the reefs towards the south delivers some musselcrackers. The odd galjoen and shad also comes around. Great spot to slide bait for huge sharks.

Little Brak river

Little Brak River

To the east of the river mouth(off the sand) you will find lots of shad, some cob and the odd grunter. To the west it's rocky and you will find the same fish plus musselcracker, sometimes galjoen, blacktail, sharks, and hotties. Good cob and grunter in the river.

Great brak river and Hersham beach

Beach area good for cob, belman and bronzies. To the east is Hersham with some rocks that you can find galjoen as well. River has some cob, nice grunter and is good for flyfishinf for garrick.

Plettenbergbay, Robbeberg Point

Robbeberg Point is great for big sharks especially in the summer after a good south eastern wind has blown.
It's a long hard walk so pack light. Fishing of cliffs so take a long gaff and be very careful, the ocean can get dangerously rough there. Take some spoons and topware plugs too for there are nice garricks around too.